People matter

We love technology and all it can do, but it always comes down to people. We help you find customer contact solutions that serve both you and your customers.

Always equitable

Equity is our number one principle in how we work with clients, partners and Panellists. That means no favourites, no hidden fees, no nonsense. It’s why the people we work with trust us to deliver.

Natural problem solvers

Once we’re engaged as your expert panel, you’ll always get our full thinking. No holding back. No compromises. Don’t be shy, we always want the best for you so are happy to help where we can.

Never accept the status quo

We’re excited about moving things forward. By new ideas and approaches. By pushing boundaries and raising standards. By asking big questions and helping you to seize opportunities and take the next step.

Our story

Customer contact is at the heart of what we do. And what makes customer interactions ‘work’ is constantly evolving. That’s why we’ve grown both our panel of experts and our networks. Today, we advise clients on the best ways to optimise customer contact operations and technology, and help them find the best contact centre and technology partners. And while our Radius platform supports partnership sourcing, our panel is always there to ensure the nuances of requirements are defined, interpreted and matched properly. The question is always more important than the answer.

When we created CCP in 2015, we recognised that traditional broking was far from impartial. Finding the best outsourced partnerships was tough. So we set out to be unbiased and transparent, from our advice to our fees. Always have been, always will.

Meet the team

Phil Kitchen Founder & Managing Director
Neville Doughty Partnerships & Growth Director
David Taylor Operations Director
John Greenwood Technology Solutions Director
Steve Sullivan Performance Solutions Director
Zandra Cyril Partner Operations Manager
Donna Dodsworth Account Director
Harry Kitchen Partnership Executive

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Whether looking for help to shape your needs, or just the right outsourced partner, we’d love to hear from you.