Super Agents

The rise of the ‘Super Agent’!

Over the past few years, we have heard the term ‘Super Agent’ increasingly mentioned. With technology reducing the requirement for low level agent customer interactions, more emphasis is being put on developing skilled representatives who are able to deal with more complex enquiries and scenarios which require the human touch.

So, what exactly are Super Agents? The term, which is also described as ‘Power Agents’ or ‘High-Performing Agents’, refers to customer service representatives who handle a large volume of contacts and consistently achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, productivity and sales. These agents are typically characterised by their strong communication skills, ability to handle complex interactions and navigate multiple systems and tools.

Super Agents often have a deep understanding of the product or service they are representing and are able to quickly and accurately provide information to customers. They are also adept at handling difficult customers and resolving complaints quickly.

Super Agents can improve overall contact centre performance by handling more contacts, reducing handle time and increasing sales or upsells. They also tend to have a lower turnover rate, which can lead to cost savings for the organisation.

There are several ways to create and maintain Super Agents in a contact centre. Here are a few key strategies that organisations can use:

  • Recruitment and hiring: Screen candidates based on specific criteria such as communication skills, problem-solving abilities and customer service experience. This helps to ensure that new hires have the potential to become Super Agents.
  • Training and development: Provide comprehensive training and development programmes for agents. This should include product and service knowledge, as well as communication and problem-solving skills. Agents should also have access to ongoing training and development opportunities throughout their career to continue to improve their abilities.
  • Performance management: Establish clear performance expectations and metrics for agents and provide regular feedback on their performance. Use performance management tools such as real-time monitoring and analytics to track agents’ activities and identify areas for improvement.
  • Incentives and recognition: Create incentives and recognition programmes to reward top-performing agents. This can include bonuses, time off or other rewards that recognise their achievements and motivate them to maintain their high level of performance.
  • Empowerment: Giving agents the autonomy and support to make decisions and provide solutions to customers issues, this improves the sense of job ownership and motivation.
  • Technology: Provide agents with the technology and tools they need to effectively handle customer interactions. This can include CcaaS solutions with advanced routing and queue management capability, CRM software and knowledge management systems.

It is worth noting that Super Agents, also need to continuously learn, adapt and advance, it is important that organisations continuously evaluate and update their strategies for creating and maintaining a team of high-performing agents.

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