Finding the right multilingual outsourcing partner to support transition to eCommerce. 

Initially a wholesale business, after 15 years New Era Cap decided to open retail sites and launch a website to enable customers to purchase direct.  As a result they required a team to handle customer enquiries.


Growing a direct to consumer model:

  1. Rapid growth
  2. Falling service levels 
  3. Wholesale team ability to support customers and retailers 
  4. No prior outsourcing experience 
  5. Needed to cover voice, live chat and email
  6. Maintaining budget


Brief developed and issued to UK, near and offshore partners. 


New Era Cap were expertly matched to one of our outsource partners able to fulfil all their requirements.

“At a time of business growth, we approached numerous companies to help us find the right partner.

Quite a challenge it seems! But not with CCP. We felt helped and fully supported throughout the whole process, from laying out our business plan request, to finding the right outsourcing company to suit our needs.

The service from CCP exceeded our expectations, and we are really happy and convinced that we have the right outsourcing partner to match our business! This would not have been possible without them. The road to success is as it stands quite a long one, but with CCP, we were supported all the way!”

Trish Freeborn, Head of Customer Service EMEA New Era Cap