A partner who optimises client systems and processes whilst providing additional capacity and increasing CSAT by 77%. 

Since launching in 2016 OnBuy have been recognised by the Financial Times as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. They have become the home for thousands of retailers and their online catalogue features millions of products.


In-house customer service reaching capacity following significant growth:

  1. Time to recruit agents 
  2. Partner to work alongside in-house operations to improve performance
  3. Improve response times 
  4. Increase CSAT score 
  5. Support improvement of internal processes
  6. Scale quickly.


We quickly documented OnBuy’s requirements and identified six partners capable of matching them. We facilitated the briefing, engagement and selection process, then following this supported contract review and project kick-off sessions. Set up and hosted partner introductions. 


Onbuy have seen their average handle time (AHT) and response times reduce, whilst CSAT has increased, on Instagram the positive rate improved by 77%, negative engagement on Facebook has decreased which ultimately benefits brand perception.

“Almost immediately after engaging with the selected contact centre outsource partner, customer response times improved.  OnBuy is now delivering quick and efficient service via various contact channels and has seen a significant improvement in customer satisfaction as well as response times.

CSAT feedback has been exceptionally positive regarding the contact centre agents. This has resulted in a significant positive turnaround on social media channels. Instagram’s positive rate increased by 77%, which is a great measure of success.”

In addition the selected partner has worked closely with OnBuy to optimise their  Zendesk platform which means they are getting better value from their systems with customers able to better self-serve.


“After a very slick selection process, again fully supported by Customer Contact Panel, we were able to confidently choose a partner that exactly matched our business requirements.

Six months into the relationship, we’re still very pleased with the team, their performance and the support we receive.”

Sophie Cotton, Head of Customer, OnBuy